Mail relay testing

We offer an experimental mail relay testing service. It runs in two modes:

To limit the likelihood of abuse, the relay tester limits the number of tests a single user can make to ten per hour. If an IP address has been tested recently, it will report the results of that test, rather than retesting. If a network owner asks that we refrain from testing, we won't test any address on that network at all.

All tests are logged, of course.

If you are a registered user, you have to identify yourself with your e-mail address and the registration password that sent in the subject line of your welcome message. If you're not a registered user but would like to register, send e-mail to and respond to the welcome message it sends.

Address to test:
(as host name or dotted quad)
Your e-mail address:
(leave blank for anonymous mode)
Your password:
(see below if you don't know it)
Check this box if you're testing a server that normally receives mail for you.
Create an address
(Address valid for 24 hours only)
Click this button to start testing
If you are a registered user but don't have the password from your welcome message, enter your e-mail address above and click this button to mail yourself your password.

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