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For users
Abuse.net is NOT a spam reporting service or feedback loop. But if you can identify the origin of an unwanted message, abuse.net can help you get your complaint to the right place.

Use our web look-up page to find the contact addresses for a domain so you can send an abuse report there.
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For mail and system managers
If you run a mail system, either for your own users or for clients, you are welcome to contribute contact information for the contact database.

If you've researched the contact info for a domain for which we have no or outdated information, you're welcome to submit that, too.
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For developers
If you develop software or run a web site that reports spam or other abuse, learn how you can use the abuse.net database, and what the simple rules are that you must follow.
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Resources for abuse.net users
Web sites, software, books, and other resources for dealing with spam and other network abuse.
What is abuse.net? Who pays for it?

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If you have questions about the contents of this web site, contact webmaster@abuse.net. It is NOT an address for spam or abuse complaints. Read the rest of this page to find out how to report spam or abuse.

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